Embark on a Sensory Journey with LaFolie Austral’s Newest Track, “Sabor, Sabor”

On July 7th, 2023, the world was graced with a fresh and nostalgic melody, drawing upon the rich essence of Colombian-Peruvian influences. LaFolie Austral, an emblematic figure in Latin Alternative music, unveiled “Sabor, Sabor” from their latest album, “Retroversiones”. The song, possessing undertones of the lo-fi genre, is more than just another melody—it’s a voyage through the senses, a narration of passion, and a vivid dance of flavors.

The lyrics of “Sabor, Sabor” draw us into a universe where love is synonymous with taste. Here, the very act of love is painted in flavors of strawberry and lemon, the sweetness of honey and peach, the sultriness of cinnamon, and the freshness of mint. It begins with the lines, “Oh, sabor, sabor, A fresa y a limón,” and as a listener, you’re already hooked, tasting the intoxicating blend of desire and sweetness.

At the very core of “Sabor, Sabor” lies a profound story. It’s a tale of dreams, embodied in the intimate corners and lines of a loved one’s body. There’s a beautiful vulnerability in lines like, “Que hablo de mis dulces sueños, Que reparto en cada parte de tu cuerpo.” These verses unravel a narrative of yearning, of love so intense that it’s entrapping, almost consuming, as described in the lines, “Sin saber que es una trampa con cepo.” Each corner, each line of the beloved, is poetically described as verses, only enriching the song’s storyline.

Yet, for all its sweetness, the song captures the wild essence of infatuation. The lyric, “soy como la fuerte hiedra y crezco,” speaks of growth and persistence, just as ivy relentlessly climbs over any obstacle. It’s this dichotomy of tender sweetness and fierce passion that sets “Sabor, Sabor” apart. As you reach the climax of the song, the crescendo of “Sabor, sabor, saaaabooooorrrrr” is not just an ode to taste, but a call to savor life, love, and every fleeting moment.

In a world that often rushes past emotions, “Sabor, Sabor” is a reminder to stop, taste, and truly feel. With its lo-fi vibes and unmistakable Colombian-Peruvian influence, this track from LaFolie Austral is not just a song—it’s an experience. Dive into this sensory journey and let your soul dance to its beat.

For those craving a musical experience that resonates deep within, savor every note of “Sabor, Sabor” now. The world of LaFolie Austral awaits.

About LaFolie Austral: Renowned for their exceptional contributions to the World Music – Latin Alternative genre, LaFolie Austral consistently bridges tradition with modernity. Their songs are a celebration of life, love, and everything in between.

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