MAJERKIM Unveils An Anthem of Empowerment and Defiance With “Intro”

Dive into the multi-dimensional universe of MAJERKIM, a multi-genre artist with a unique blend of cultural heritage that encompasses the Netherlands, Suriname, India, and China. Her music is a melting pot of old-school hip-hop, Caribbean vibes, House, Latin, and Indian tones—each genre represented, none diluted. Today marks the release of her highly-anticipated track, “Intro,” a song that promises to not just move your feet but also your soul.

The Narration Behind The Lyrics

Imagine being caught at the moment, where you notice the water getting colder, sharpening your focus. This is the beginning of “Intro.” “Gotta prove it, prove it, caught at the moment,” MAJERKIM raps, embedding a sense of urgency. There’s a sense of desperation to prove oneself, reflected by the sentiment of being “homeless” in one’s art, in one’s “chucks”—a nod to her raw and real approach.

But what’s the point of all this focus, this psychosis of lyrical diagnosis? “That you will never ever feel the same,” she declares. MAJERKIM explores the concept of being irrevocably changed by the experience of her music, by the depth of her lyrics. It’s not just a song; it’s a mental transformation.

She goes on to challenge the establishment: “Been on the queen said that I was the meanest.” The “demons even know me,” as if saying, her artistic prowess is universally acknowledged, even by forces that typically elude understanding.

Fast-paced and furious, the song challenges conventional norms and paints MAJERKIM as a fighter for individuality. “I am a bully abusing the arts, I got the leverage, I’m climbing the charts,” she exclaims. The bullying she mentions is her domination over the art form, not letting it chain her down but instead using it to rise.

A Message Of Empowerment

While the lyrics venture into the realms of conflict and struggle, they emerge on the other side with a potent message of empowerment. “Now I want all of these little girls to change the world,” MAJERKIM sings, underscoring her ultimate aim—to uplift, empower, and set the dance floor on fire.


Born in the Netherlands, MAJERKIM encapsulates Surinamese, Indian, and Chinese heritage in her veins, which reflects exquisitely in her music. With a sonic portfolio that embraces a plethora of genres, she’s not just a singer but a storyteller, a weaver of dreams, and a builder of communities.

With “Intro,” MAJERKIM invites you to her world—a world where every word is a manifesto, every lyric a pledge, and every beat a step towards a more inclusive and empowering future. Don’t just listen to the song; live it, prove it, and let it prove itself to you.

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