Natalie Shugars Invites You to “Melt Away” with Her Mesmerizing Single “Arcadian (Melt Away)”

Pittsburgh, PA, November 15, 2019 – Just when you thought you had a grasp on the multifaceted artistry of Natalie Shugars, she gifts us another jewel from her treasure trove of musical talents. With her latest single “Arcadian (Melt Away),” Shugars not only fuses genres but also breaks down emotional walls, inviting listeners to experience the true essence of freedom and self-expression.

Before we delve into the captivating chords and harmonies of “Arcadian,” let’s take a moment to reflect on the woman behind the melody. Natalie Shugars is not just “Pittsburgh’s Black n Gold Girl” or “Pittsburgh’s Pop Star,” as she’s fondly labeled by her hometown. She’s an international phenomenon, captivating audiences from Vegas to the revered House of Blues. Ever since she broke through with her groundbreaking fight song for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Natalie has been setting milestones, setting stages aflame, and most importantly, setting her own terms. She’s a triple-threat entertainer, and yet, those words scarcely do her justice.

The essence of “Arcadian (Melt Away)” is deeply personal but universally relatable. It’s an invitation to shed your inhibitions and let go of the anchors holding you back. It beckons you to step beyond your self-imposed barriers and fall into a liberating embrace—be it with a person, a passion, or even just a fleeting moment that makes you feel unequivocally alive.

“It’s that unfiltered moment when you feel as if you’re floating, carried away by a force larger than life,” says Shugars. “It’s about surrendering to that sensation and knowing, just knowing, that you’re where you’re meant to be.”

Expertly navigating through intricate melodies and deeply felt lyrics, Shugars creates an atmosphere of vulnerability, love, and utter freedom. This is more than a song; it’s a portal to a world where anything is possible if we just allow ourselves to “melt away” into it.

While Natalie has donned many hats, from modeling for Maxim to being a vocal influencer and spokesperson, her core identity revolves around her music. “Arcadian (Melt Away)” serves as a reminder of that singular, compelling talent that makes Natalie Shugars an icon of her generation.

About Natalie Shugars:

Natalie Shugars is an internationally recognized entertainer known for her broad range of talents that include singing, acting, and modeling. Her unique voice and electrifying stage presence have captivated audiences globally, making her an indelible figure in today’s entertainment landscape.

Connect with Natalie Shugars on social media:

Facebook: Natalieshugarspgh
Instagram: @nshugars
Twitter: @natalieshugars

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