Natalie Shugars Shakes Up the Pop/Country Scene with “Need Another Man (Like Another Hole In My Head)”

Pittsburgh, PA, August 20, 2021 – From the grandeur of Vegas to the soulful vibe of The House of Blues, Natalie Shugars has been commanding the stage with an electric charisma that’s hard to replicate. And now, blending pop’s catchy beats with country’s heartfelt narratives, Shugars delivers a track that not only celebrates her evolving sound but speaks to every independent soul out there: “Need Another Man (Like Another Hole In My Head).”

From her early days, mesmerized by the magic of rhythm and lyrics, Natalie Shugars quickly ascended to become an international sensation. As a multi-faceted talent – singer, influencer, actress, and even a three-time Maxim Magazine model – Shugars has been no stranger to the limelight. Remember the anthem that lifted the spirits of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans during the 2008/2009 Super Bowl? That was Shugars, making history as the first female to craft a fight song for the Six-Time Super Bowl Champions.

But “Need Another Man” is a different journey altogether.

This track is sassy, bold, and undeniably fun. It paints a vivid picture of a woman who is self-assured, aware of her worth, and unafraid to voice her thoughts. It’s the musical embodiment of a wink and a smirk, a playful jest at the age-old battle of the sexes. Yet, beneath the wit and humor lies a powerful message about independence and finding one’s voice.

Speaking about her latest release, Shugars remarked, “It’s all about having a voice, a stance, and a good laugh in the face of challenges. Sometimes, life gives you lemons, and instead of making lemonade, you make a chart-topping song!”

With “Need Another Man (Like Another Hole In My Head),” Natalie Shugars showcases her remarkable ability to evolve, adapt, and continue making waves not just in her hometown of Pittsburgh, but across the nation and beyond.

“Need Another Man” is more than just a song. It’s an anthem for everyone who’s ever wanted to dance to their own rhythm, with a little wink on the side.

About Natalie Shugars: Natalie Shugars, dubbed “Pittsburgh’s Black n Gold Girl” and “Pittsburgh’s Pop Star,” is a powerhouse of talent. From her iconic performance for the Pittsburgh Steelers to her international accolades, Natalie’s journey resonates with passion, determination, and an unwavering love for the craft.

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Facebook: Natalieshugarspgh
Instagram: @nshugars
Twitter: @natalieshugars

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