Hisyde Drops Evocative New Track “Ooh Wee,” a Soulful Narrative of Love and Identity

Dallas, TXAugust 25, 2023 – In a mesmerizing fusion of Soul & Blues, Hisyde, an ascendant Dallas-based talent, unleashes his latest single, “Ooh Wee.” Released on August 23, 2023, this poignant song encapsulates Hisyde’s unique storytelling ability, marked by his poetic lyrics and dexterous vocal delivery. As the artist behind the hit single ‘Oochie Couchie,’ Hisyde continues to reinvent the Southern Soul & Blues landscape with a fresh yet timeless perspective.

Lyrics as Storytelling:

Imagine stepping into a small, rustic bar in Arkansas, where time seems to pause, and love enters uninvited. The song’s opening lyrics introduce us to a compelling narrative: “I met this lady in Arkansas, that’s the state God loves.” Hisyde’s vocal tone encapsulates this profound moment, a melding of fate and intention, as he speaks to this mysterious woman: “What’s up, baby? Everything I’ve been taught to do, I’m from East Town, baby, happy with dread, try to bring her home.”

Hisyde’s lyrics aren’t mere sentences; they are an intimate diary entry, revealing both the gravity and levity of love’s unpredictable nuances. Here, the man from “East Town” is keen to conquer, yet remains humble, stripped of pretense. The tale isn’t just about the pursuit but also about self-exploration and the melting pot of experiences that contribute to who Hisyde is—happy with dread, and unapologetically himself.

About Hisyde:

Hisyde is no stranger to accolades, receiving four out of five stars from Blues Critic for his debut album “Who Is Hisyde.” With his past successes like ‘Oochie Couchie,’ Hisyde has set a precedent for delivering Southern soul hits. But “Ooh Wee” goes beyond chart performance and into the realm of artistry that leaves a lasting impact.

Hisyde has often cited his deep connection to his Southern roots and how they metamorphose into his poetic renditions. “Every song I’ve written revolves around bigger ideas and forms of self-expression… dreams, epiphanies, within my dirty south journals,” he affirms. This yearning to express complex ideas through his music has set Hisyde apart in an industry often crowded with the banal and the repetitious.

What’s Next?

Eagerly anticipated and intensely personal, “Ooh Wee” is a harbinger of Hisyde’s ongoing musical evolution. As his sound continues to mature, the industry and fans alike await his next move with bated breath. This release, both intimate and expansive, confirms that Hisyde is not just another artist but a narratively-driven poet of the modern Soul & Blues era.

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