In a world where we often feel isolated by the chaos of life, Big Infinite has returned with a heartfelt anthem that reminds us, “You are not alone.” The indie-pop sensation’s latest release, “Somebody,” dives deep into the waters of mental wellness, delivering a message of unity and healing.

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Big Infinite, comprised of Jordan Lally, DJ Fritzges, and Dre Toney, has always been known for their soulful melodies and resonant lyrics. However, their journey took a profound turn, leading them to craft music that bared their souls and touched the hearts of millions.

The inspiration behind “Somebody” is a story of transformation, resilience, and a profound dedication to mental health awareness. In 2014, while on tour in Florida, the band received a life-altering phone call that shook their world. Jordan Lally’s father, Ed Lally, had succumbed to the silent battles of clinical depression, leaving behind a void too deep to fill.

This tragic loss marked a turning point for Big Infinite. Their music, once filled with catchy hooks and vibrant beats, now reflected the raw, unfiltered emotions of their own journeys through anxiety and depression. It was a poignant shift, and to mirror this transformation, they adopted the name “Big Infinite.”

Big Infinite chose a different path, one that prioritized sharing their original music as a beacon of hope for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Their commitment to this cause led them to schools, conferences, concerts, and community events, where they used their music and storytelling to illuminate the shared struggles many of us face.

“Somebody” encapsulates this journey perfectly. With every note, it resonates with the listener, letting them know that no matter how daunting the battle, there’s always somebody who understands. The lyrics are a lifeline, wrapped in a melody that captures the essence of vulnerability and healing.

Big Infinite’s latest single is a testament to their unwavering dedication to spreading the message of hope, unity, and the power to heal. “Somebody” is a reminder that in our darkest moments, there’s a ray of light, a friend, a kindred spirit—someone who stands with you.

So, press play, let the music wash over you, and remember, “You are not alone.” Big Infinite’s “Somebody” is more than a song; it’s a lifeline, a reminder that together, we can overcome life’s storms.

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About Big Infinite

Big Infinite is an indie-pop sensation comprised of Jordan Lally, DJ Fritzges, and Dre Toney. Their music is a fusion of soulful melodies and resonant lyrics, creating heartfelt anthems that speak to the human experience. With a profound dedication to mental health awareness and suicide prevention, Big Infinite uses their music and storytelling to remind us that we are never alone in our struggles. Through their journey, they inspire unity, resilience, and the power to heal.

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