Michael Ash Sharbaugh Drops Latest Sonic Masterpiece: “UNTITLED 13”

September 23, 2023. – Today is the release day of MIKASH’s new single, “UNTITLED 13.” It’s a mix of trip hop, electronica, and hypnagogia, inviting listeners on a sound-journey. Sharbaugh, known for making unique sound-worlds, does it again with this track.

The song started by chance. “Like many of my songs, ‘UNTITLED 13’ started as a simple try,” he says. “I was in front of my music gear with no plan. Just a blank space waiting for the first note.” That first ‘note’ was the ‘smiley’ vocal samples heard throughout the track, starting the creation of a rich mix of sounds.

“UNTITLED 13” smoothly blends trap rhythms, which Sharbaugh likes a lot, with a mix of sounds that might seem unmatched. But, with Sharbaugh’s skill, these elements come together into a complete sound, showing the artist’s belief in the natural growth of music.

The Coldplay-like distant piano, added into the rhythm, brings a touch of old times, capturing a feeling that’s close and big, like the hugeness of space or the depth of a dream. “When adding the final touches,” Sharbaugh notes, “I knew I wanted the piano to have a big role, offering listeners something known in the unknown journey.”

The track’s main message? “Chill-out, space-out, and let the broken rhythms and sound-worlds flow over you.” It’s a call to listeners to give in to the experience, to let go of set thoughts, and be in the moment.

With “UNTITLED 13,” Sharbaugh once again makes his unique space in the music world, keeping his name as a sound creator who isn’t just making songs, but making experiences. To keep updated with his future works and to go on more sound adventures, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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