LaFolie Austral Revives an Ageless Melody: Dive into the World of “Valerie”

On July 7th, 2023, from the nostalgic corridors of the album “Retroversiones”, emerged a track that resonates with age-old passion and contemporary flair. LaFolie Austral, renowned for their impeccable artistry in the World Music – Latin Alternative domain, reintroduces listeners to the iconic “Valerie”. With its foundation deeply rooted in lo-fi vibes and an innovative blend of Colombian-Peruvian influences, this rendition of “Valerie” is a masterpiece awaiting global recognition.

Every song carries a tale, but “Valerie” is not just a narrative; it’s an experience. From the very start, listeners are drawn to an intimate introspection, where solitude is often the companion. “Well sometimes I go out by myself, And I look across the water,” these lines encapsulate the depth of introspection and the vastness of memories associated with Valerie. With every reflection across the water, there’s a vivid recollection, a painted picture, of times once cherished, now lost in the corridors of time.

The lyrics take us on a journey into the world of the narrator, who reminisces about Valerie. The evocative verses sketch her with vivacity, from her distinctive ginger hair to her unique fashion sense. “And I’ve missed your ginger hair, And the way you like to dress.” Through each line, we sense the profoundness of the bond, the longing, and the heart’s silent plea for her return.

Yet, the song isn’t just a reminiscence. It’s peppered with questions and subtle hints of the adventures and misadventures that Valerie might have encountered. From jail to lawyers, from tans to new romantic escapades, the lyrics gently prod and question, painting a tale of a free spirit, perhaps lost, perhaps just distant.

Returning to the core emotion, the chorus is a heartfelt invitation, almost a plea: “Won’t you come on over, Stop making a fool out of me. Why don’t you come on over Valerie?” The repetition emphasizes the depth of desire, the urgency for a reunion, and the inexplicable emptiness that her absence has etched.

LaFolie Austral’s rendition is more than just a cover; it’s a tribute. It’s a fusion of cultures, blending the song’s original essence with their distinctive Colombian-Peruvian touch. This version of “Valerie” is an invitation—to dive deep into memories, to relish the beauty of past relationships, and to understand that sometimes, love, in its many forms, is timeless.

For an immersive experience into the world of LaFolie Austral and their unique take on iconic classics, explore their latest album, “Retroversiones”.

About LaFolie Austral: An emblem in the World Music – Latin Alternative scene, LaFolie Austral artfully melds tradition with contemporary sounds. Each track is not just a song but an experience, a journey, and a celebration of life’s intricate emotions.

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